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How to Convert all Those Facebook Likes to Sales

Sure, you may have plenty of social fans, but are you turning that follower count into revenue? Here is how you can monetize your social following.

Although they might not want to admit it, many Zimbabwen businesses find themselves stuck when it comes to their social followings.

But here’s the harsh question that businesses often refuse to face: At what point does your follower count begin to make money?

Sure, those thousands of Facebook followers may look great on paper. Yet consider that Facebook organic reach has tanked in recent years, resulting in a major struggle for businesses who just can’t seem to break through the noise.

Boasting more followers than your neighbor may boost your ego, but what about your bottom line?

Why monetizing your social following is a must-do

Don’t get it twisted — there’s no denying that your fans and followers via social media are more than just data points. Social followers can obviously be incredibly valuable from a branding perspective, especially if you have a following that regularly engages with your content or looks to you for advice.

That said, what’s the point of putting your blood, sweat and tears into growing your social presence if there isn’t some sort of financial incentive down the line?

No, you shouldn’t necessarily equate your follower count to dollars and cents. You should, however, consider opportunities to turn those followers into revenue in some way, shape or form.

If your social following is little more than fluff, you’re not making the most of your follower count. Finding a positive ROI via social media is difficult enough, as is uncovering opportunities to monetize your followers. In fact, measuring any sort of financial ROI from social media still remains one of the major pain points of today’s business.

If you’re stuck with a follower count with little to no reach to monetize, what’s the next logical step?

Don’t squander your social presence

Monetizing your social followers should be a matter of “when,” rather than “if.” At the same time, monetization doesn’t have to mean beating your followers over the head with sales pitch after sales pitch.

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