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Get Your Website Found on Google Zimbabwe With Search Engine Optimization

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In Zimbabwe we all rely on Google’s powerful search engine to basically help us run our lives. From confirming if it’s really true love that we’re feeling, to finding out the name of that TV character actress from our childhood, and to medically diagnosing our cold symptoms, we really aren’t so sure where we would be without it. It’s so easy to think of this platform as something we use to find information about other people. As a business owner, you also need to be thinking proactively about how people are using Google to find you and they can only find your business if you use search engine optimization.

You actually have a lot of tools at your disposal to earn your website a great spot on Google’s search engine result pages in Zimbabwe. In this article, we’ll review what exactly those resources are and how we at Icono Global make the best use of them. One of the biggest is getting in touch with our Harare based SEO team who will be your new, free assistants for all things related to search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. On top of getting your site to appear on Google, wet also develop a personalized plan to improve your ranking on search engines.

Even though Google can feel like a big soup of content at times, there are actually organized systems at work that determine which sites appear before others.

These are some of these critical factors that our SEO team follow for your business to get found on Google:

  1. We submit your site to Google
  2. We lay a link trail
  3. We choose the perfect keywords
  4. We manage your meta tags
  5. We optimize your website for mobile
  6. We let Google know that you’re a local business

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