We are the best digital marketing company in Zimbabwe creating brand visibility and customer engagement for businesses & professionals. We offer Digital Marketing services in Zimbabwe, comprising Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Advertising (Pay Per Click) and Mobile Advertising. We also offer Social Media Marketing services in Zimbabwe comprising Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp Marketing. We offer web design services in Zimbabwe comprising responsive Website Design, Social Network Design, eCommerce Website Design and Mobile App Development.
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Marketing your business online is easier than ever. Its all starts with a website. A website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy and is one of the most effective means of advertising your products or services in Zimbabwe. At Icono Global we create your digital marketing strategy starting with a great mobile friendly website design for the following purposes:

Customer Generation

A website helps you generate customers while you are asleep. More than 80{52d347b936d436f4bfad6bd6911a3e654416ae4607907c103de3b64cddff1320} of customers research a product online before purchasing it. This means that they visit Google and type the keywords related to the product, such as the ‘Best Casual Trousers.’

We can optimize your website in the search engines to boost the chances of particular products or services being served up higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) , thus increasing your visibility with prospective consumers. Title, meta description, and keywords are some of the vital things you should optimize on your website to improve your SEO.

And if you have a niche product or service to sell, then we can tap into the niche search engine keywords to drive super-targeted traffic to your site.

Your Online Shop Window

A website helps you to showcase your goods or services in Zimbabwe in much the same way as a shop window for a high-street store. It serves to entice a visitor to your site and find what they need.  But websites go much further and work much harder than that.

A website makes it possible to find a product or service in a click or two—much easier and faster for a customer to figure out what they need than going into a physical retail story.  They can also read reviews and case studies to help validate claims  or watch animated or explainer videos to get a better understanding of what your business is all about.


These days, customers expect that a reputable business should have a website. Without a site creates doubt in your target audience’s mind as to whether you are legitimate or not.

Quite simply, the reason behind this is that most customers assume that a business without a website is either, at best, odd or perhaps even a scam.  Either way, it does not provide confidence in the potential customer for your business.

Effective Marketing Channel

A website offers a business an automatic online presence. Once you make a site, you introduce clients to your goods and services—it’s a simple link they click on from your email signature or through eye-catching visual campaigns on social media or in a digital ad.

Of course, the number of prospective customers your site will attract depends on your marketing efforts to capture people’s attention, such as online advertising, using social media, blogging, and Search Engine Optimisation. We can create bespoke landing pages to help your marketing campaigns be even more effective, and  convert traffic into leads and then into sales, even start a blog to get your opinion and expertise across.

Ok, How Can I build a Website?

Simply let us know what kind of website you would like and we will do the magic! Whatever your business industry, we will create your brand visibility 1st and foremost through the creation of your website.

Contact us today to ask us about our website design or digital marketing packages.