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Why Businesses in Zimbabwe Should Advertise on YouTube

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Do you advertise with video? Wondering whether YouTube ads are worth your time and money in Zimbabwe? It is!! Its time to start thinking about YouTube advertising for your business in Zimbabwe.

We reveal how consumers in Zimbabwe and worldwide respond to ads on YouTube.

#1: Viewers Accept Ads on YouTube More Readily Than on Facebook

Not too long ago, YouTube was the undisputed king of online video. YouTube’s sole focus has always been video, thereby allowing it to rise (and stay) at the top of the heap.

Two years after YouTube launched, it rolled out the advertising feature. Now, with Icono Global, businesses in Zimbabwe can choose from among six different ad formats. For better or worse, users watching videos on YouTube expect some kind of advertising. It has become the norm.

However, engagement is a different story. Facebook still leads the pack when it comes to the number of consumers who engage with video content (49{7178b7995fe1d85af2d0560c411cb316ca946da3b0c1fbb52e6fc902d09065ba}). YouTube comes in second place with 32{7178b7995fe1d85af2d0560c411cb316ca946da3b0c1fbb52e6fc902d09065ba} of the respondents saying they engage with branded video content.

#2: Ads for Products With Universal Appeal Enjoy High Views and Low Cost Per View

At Icono Global we tell our clients to figure out their target audience and aim their marketing efforts at them. But what if not targeting your target audience worked as well and was actually more cost-effective? This approach is perfect for products or services that are gender- and/or age-neutral and have universal appeal.

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