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Introducing K53 Learners Licence Test Challenge Practice App for South Africa


Say hello to driving test practice with a twist!! Icono Global has develped K53 Test Challenge, a South African learners licence test practice app that allows South African student drivers to practice for their K53 licence test and challenge other student drivers in a fun and educational environment.

Test your knowledge of the K53 learners license test and join an exciting South African community of student drivers and learners practicing for their K53 learners license test on this fun learners license practice challenge app!

K53 Test Challenge is FREE! This K53 Test practice App is aimed at helping you pass your K53 learners license test on the first attempt. Challenge student drivers and learners practicing for their K53 test to over 500 learners license test questions. Get answers immediately to help you with your practice. You can attempt unlimited K53 test challenges as many times as you want for FREE.

Our K53 Test practice App is intended for learners who want to practice and test their knowledge of the South African K53 license test on the go or together with friends, family and other student drivers.

Every K53 license test challenge has 10 questions with no time limit BUT the longer you take to answer a question, the lower your score. You can choose a category with different questions. There are questions about South Africa road rules & safety and road signs.

There are up to 20 learners license test challenges that you can try to overcome. You can compare your score with other learners on the leader board. Two learners can practice against each other from their mobile devices. First learner takes a practice test then upon completion, a challenge is sent to the challenged learner to take the same K53 license test challenge and the learner with the highest score wins.

With K53 Test Challenge App, you can get yourself prepared for the K53 learners license test and learn about South Africa’s road rules, road signs and vehicle controls, on the go.

◆ K53 Test Practice
Practice for your K53 learners test with over 500 K53 test questions & answers covering South Africa road rules and road signs.

◆ K53 Test Challenges
Challenge friends to a quick, real-time K53 licence test or randomly challenge other learners from around South Africa. Climb the leader board and claim your title.

◆ K53 Test Categories
Participate in a vibrant community of student drivers and choose the K53 test categories you need practice on.

Download this fun K53 test practice app today!!