Icono Global is a Harare based Social Media & Digital marketing company that creates brand visibility and customer engagement for businesses in Zimbabwe. We offer Digital marketing comprised of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Advertising (Pay Per Click) and Mobile Advertising. We also offer Social Media Marketing comprised of Facebook Marketing & Advertising, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp Marketing. We also build brand visibility through responsive Website Design, eCommerce Websites and Mobile App Development.
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Businesses Increasing Sales with Digital Marketing in Zimbabwe

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With The Growth Of The Internet in Zimbabwe, Digital Marketing is Rapidly Becoming One Of The Best Ways To Improve Sales at Icono Global.

Are you a brand or business in Zimbabwe? Are you looking for new customers daily or brand exposure? We can help!!

Icono Global is a Harare based Digital Marketing company that creates brand visibility and customer engagement for businesses in Zimbabwe and South Africa through top performing digital and social media marketing campaigns and an effective web presence. We provide Facebook Marketing & Management, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Website Design, Mobile App Development, SEO & Mobile Marketing.

The first step top grow your sales is:

Step 1: Make A Good Website

A good website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy – ultimately, it’s where you want all of your customers to end up, so it’s worth ensuring that you have all the components of a successful site. If not, we can help!!

Remember that your website isn’t just something for people to “visit” – every part of it should be designed to draw them further into the sales pipeline.

Most pages should finish with some kind of call-to-action, prompting them to do things like download and offer, check out your services page, or contact you directly to schedule a consultation. In return, you can request emails to add these visitors to your database and so you can stay connected with them.

You’ll also want to be sure that the website is properly set up to take advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – after all, the quality of your site doesn’t matter if nobody visits it, and doing what the search engines want is an important part of being seen.

Fortunately, most websites these days are designed with this in mind, and you shouldn’t have to do more than tweak a few things once it’s ready.

Call us or email us now to grow your business with the power of digital marketing – it’s quick & easy!