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Digital Marketing for Restaurants in Zimbabwe: A Recipe for Success

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing Company, Agency, Harare, Zimbabwe

If you plan on utilizing digital marketing for your restaurant, you’ll definitely need to stay updated on the best practices and strategies. We have just that for you today!

Our experts at Icono Global have developed a solid strategy over time for digital marketing for restaurants.

So what is the recipe for success when it comes to digital marketing for restaurants? Most cooks don’t like to share their recipes, but this one is too good not share!

Social Media Management

What types of content should I post?

At Icono Global, we’ve found the best practice for posting content comes in threes.

  • 1/3 brand posts
  • 1/3 sell posts
  • 1/3 share posts

What exactly does this entail?

Brand posts are pieces of content that have a primary objective of engagement. These posts can be anything from motivational quotes to contests and giveaways to reviews and testimonials.

Brand posts commonly ask a question or seek to interact with the audience in some way. They are relevant to your business and generally include a call to action. Such as “tag a friend,” “comment and let us know below,” or other calls for engagement.

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing Company, Agency, Harare, Zimbabwe

With digital marketing for restaurants, incorporating giveaways, contests, and other interactive posts is one of the best ways to quickly increase engagement and followers on your social media pages via brand posts.

Share posts are usually blogs, articles, or pieces of external content that provide value to your audience. If you have a food blog on your restaurant’s website, we highly recommend linking your own blogs throughout your posts!

This will increase traffic to your site and help increase your rankings with Google in the long-term. Share posts help you build a relationship with your audience and build their trust, which is the ultimate goal of a successful strategy for digital marketing for restaurants.

A fantastic way to create repeat business and loyal customers is to repost content from your customers, which also encourages further brand growth.

Reposting photos your customers have taken of your food or the atmosphere in your restaurant makes for excellent share posts.

And you can tag them in the post to give back for sharing your restaurant with their followers!

Be sure to put up a sign inside your restaurant, encouraging visitors to take photos of their plates. It’s important to include your business’s Instagram username and a unique hashtag that they can use to tag the photo.

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing Company, Agency, Harare, Zimbabwe

When you’re ready to repost some content, search for that unique hashtag on Instagram, and you should find any images taken in and around your restaurant by customers!

92{52d347b936d436f4bfad6bd6911a3e654416ae4607907c103de3b64cddff1320} of people trust recommendations from other people over branded content. People trust their peers. It’s a fact. So take advantage of content that regular customers post to promote your brand.

User-generated content is typically an indicator of a trustworthy or reliable brand. If a customer is promoting your restaurant, this is equivalent to them giving you a great review!

Speaking of which, a great way to bring in new customers and entice people to visit your restaurant is by sharing positive reviews from previous customers. These also make for wonderful share posts. And they can go a long way in establishing credibility.

88{52d347b936d436f4bfad6bd6911a3e654416ae4607907c103de3b64cddff1320} of people trust what friends,and even strangers, say on Facebook about businesses. 70{52d347b936d436f4bfad6bd6911a3e654416ae4607907c103de3b64cddff1320} of purchases at local businesses can be tracked back to social media.

When you receive a 5-star review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any other place online, be sure to share that review on your social media pages!

Sharing positive reviews creates trust with potential new customers. Sharing a review that mentions a specific menu item can even lead to someone new coming into your restaurant just to try this menu item that others were raving about!

Lastly, sell posts are a hard sell to your audience, promoting your restaurant. These posts direct people to your website, landing page, or direct them to contact you via email or phone.

They usually describe some of the menu items you offer and include a call to action such as “visit our site to view our full menu,” “click here to reserve your table now,” or “call us today to book an event.”

Sell posts are an excellent opportunity to show off new specials and always-available items from your menu with beautiful product photography.

How do I craft an aesthetic on my social media pages to bring in new customers?

The best way to entice new customers into your restaurant is through beautiful product photography.

When creating your strategy for digital marketing for restaurants, you’ll need to prioritize high quality photography of your menu items. Having appealing, high quality photography of your food is a must.

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing Company, Agency, Harare, Zimbabwe

Keep in mind that 93{52d347b936d436f4bfad6bd6911a3e654416ae4607907c103de3b64cddff1320} of people consider an image one of the most important factors in a purchase decision! So if you want to bring in new customers, you’d better have stunning photos of your food.

People expect social media for restaurants to be updated daily. They want something new to eat every day. So they like to see new visuals from you every day as well.

To get your restaurant on social media or to advertise, contact us at sales@iconoglobal.com.