Icono Global is a Harare based Social Media & Digital marketing company that creates brand visibility and customer engagement for businesses in Zimbabwe. We offer Digital marketing comprised of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Advertising (Pay Per Click) and Mobile Advertising. We also offer Social Media Marketing comprised of Facebook Marketing & Advertising, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp Marketing. We also build brand visibility through responsive Website Design, eCommerce Websites and Mobile App Development.
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+263 77 904 7004
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Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Our Harare digital marketing team works with businesses both large and small, local and international, to grow and expand their online visibility with the power of digital marketing. Our digital marketing services comprise of top performing digital marketing campaigns designed to grow your customer base and drive brand awareness on the internet. We leverage popular internet platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Email to market to your customers and increase sales digitally.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We create and execute search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns tailored for your company that provide you with website rankings that are long-lasting and relevant. The end result is potential customers find your company on search engines. This is what we call organic digital marketing. Higher rankings, more traffic, and a dedicated SEO specialist are only a call or email away. Contact us today to discuss how we can build your brand visibility with the power of digital marketing.

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Google Advertising (PPC)

Generate high-quality traffic for your website and watch your sales explode. There are over 3 billion searches every day. These searches are full of customers looking for products and solutions to their problems. A percentage of these searches are products or solutions that your business provides. Through the use of Google advertising a.k.a Pay Per Click (PPC) Management we drive new customers to your business immediately.

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